Sunday, April 3, 2011

McD Bangsar

Communication Skills Assignments:

We went out to McD Bangsar to do our assignments there, but trust me that we ate too much that works are not really done. However, I managed to solve the mystery of a missing purse, glad that it was me who found it.

This is Mr Vosovic trying to look cute. 
Wait! Is it worth a try? 

Miss Diba the Dibot Hates Sluts, and fries.

The sleepy Mr Alexs Nuk. 
Too much of assignments maybe?

Mr Alyph, the owner of Tales of Alphrodonia.

Our burgers; fast food is not healthy people.

Eating our for fun:

The pictures below were taken few days back when we had no class and went to the same place to eat affordable burgers. 

Mr Alexs Nuk.

Mr Nurr Shafik

Miss Nateesha Kaur Gill

Mr Yazzeid Yassein, our driver.

Well, I can conclude that Malaysia is the best place for food, and Kuala Lumpur has all the best restaurants in the country. That explains my current weight people, I am scared that I would die because of overeating.  

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