Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Tour Eid Mubarak: 1st Avenue, Penang

Salam guys and girls, how is your second day of Syawal? Did you collect a lot of duit raya or just catching up stories with your friends? Well today, Anam and I went to 1st Avenue Penang as we don't have any plan to visit our friends at all. He picked me up at Bertam Perdana and we headed straight to the island.

This is my best friend forever, Khairul Anam and we have been friends since 2004; we were in the same class in Form 1. It has been quite a long time already, 8 years plus together and I hope this friendship will not sink at all. 

Thank goodness that the traffic in Penang was not jam at all; we managed to reach there in less than an hour. Anam went shopping at Cotton On and I just window shop as I am on a tight budget now.

Then we watched Final Destination 5 at TGV Cinemas there; trust me that the cinema is awesome! It has this waiting seats near the counter for us to sit while waiting for our movies, and the couple seats are sold at only RM 14! That is so damn cheap compared to couple seats in cinemas near Kuala Lumpur! I know I sounds so noob now but I am so excited! We got to watch the movie at a better view, the seat is so comfy and we are not couples okay! 

The movie is not so cool. Lot's of blood and disgusting death but the acting slacks a little bit. The actors need to be coached more on facial expressions and body language. The ending of the movie is quite expected and so far, I like the first, second and third FD movies only; the fifth movie is quite boring, honestly. 

After the movie ended, we head back to the mainland and had McDonald's as our dinner. Anam drove back to Baling, Kedah and we are meeting our friends tomorrow for 5S2's Reunion! Can't wait, I hope there will be many friends joining. I guess that is all for today, take care and God bless people!


Mohammed Faizal said...

omaigot..terlupe lak FD5 kat panggung skrg...Esk nak pegi tengok, pegi raye pun bukan dpt duit haha

eton said...

waa.. bestnya.. miss penang so much... huhuhu

syrupmasin said...

penanggg..ya Allah gile rindu nak pegi..haha

muhamad hanif said...


jalan sakan kau eh ?

weeewwiiittt !!

Siti Suriani said...

wah. really had fun.. happy independent day n selamat hari raya!! :D

Saiazuan said...

aku xpernah hit lg tmpat tu.. lalu je

amir aizat said...

seronok nampak!!

cik mun said...

really..baru rancang nak tgk FD..

Azham Vosovic said...

Faizal: hahaha, you da bsar mana dpt duit lg hahaha

Eton: oh, pernah dok kt Penang ka dulu?

syrupmasin: huhu, Penang best!

Hanif: haha, mmg sakan raya tahun ni.

Suriani: hehe, Selamat Hari Raya dan Merdeka!

Saiazuan: tak best sgt bro, kecik je tmpt tu, tp cinema dia best!

Aizat: mmg seronok, sakit kaki berjalan

Cik Mun: ala, pergi je tgk klau rasa nak pi hehehe

khairul akmal azman said...

macam penyanyi im yours la bro ni..

Azham Vosovic said...

kay: pengsan I baca hahahah!