Saturday, August 13, 2011

Lost My Head

I wish I could tell all of you what I have been hiding all these while. Yes, for almost 19 years of my life, I have been telling lies to the people I love, honestly. I have not been honest even to myself; I look into the mirror everyday thinking that Azham Vosovic is going to make it through the day again, but deep inside I know that the clock is reaching another midnight.

What would you do if one day you realize that you are going to die young? When your dreams are still uncertain, you are sure to grab the chances but suddenly you have to move backwards saying that every attempt you do is going to risk your life.

And you have to stop running though it used to be your favorite exercise when you were in college. You will become so confused either you are running to pursue your ambition or just to reach the destination?

Yes, a final destination and that is surely a different world you will be living. People call it the life after death; one will never know what his deeds and sins are going to help or diss his fate. I know that some of you who are not critical enough would think that this is just another form of shit I am talking but no worries, please do not crack your head because I had lost mine.

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Unknown said...

wow, u not kidding right? huhu

Unknown said...

wow, u not kidding right? huhu

Unknown said...

hahahah...betul ni...no kidding huhuhuuh