Monday, August 22, 2011


You know how words can change the world entirely, 
so please type them out wisely.

HateMail 1:

Dear LoveHate blogger, you are fat like my mother's cow on the field and you are not popular.

My answer: Thank you so much Anonymous but I don't care to care about your sarcasm because I am unique. No one can be me, the same as I cannot be someone else even though I tried. Thank you for at least commenting on this unpopular LoveHate blog ;)

Okay, I lied because I am not so strong as this person being mentioned. I will not reply to such hatred in a great manner; I will make sure the haters cry as much as I do.


I just want to say that people from the new media (bloggers) like us should take extra care in our opinion; be it in written or comment form. I used to put a strong hatred in my writing but I totally regret doing it. There is no point making other people sad when they read our blog. Well, putting other people down will definitely never make you any popular, think about it. 

Let us spread LOVE.

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zoe said...

be tough Azham. people hate us cause they envy us. cause they dont have what we have and they want the same thing as we are. so, ignore them, let them do whatever the wanna do, they wanna say, cause one day they will stop doing silly things. hahaha.

tapi i dont have any haters so far. i wish i couldnt. once i have, i know i am popular. hahaha..

IMANSHAH said...


jahatnya..tak suka lah

Suhami Ahmad said...

it is real anonymous said that?

Azham Vosovic said...

Zoe: hehe, haters envy us because they want to be like us right? Haha, sometimes haters is the sign that we are popular right?

IMANSHAH: hehe, rileks bro, itu cuma salah satu siatuasi...saja bikin gempak hahaha

Atok: hahah, so far xda lg yg berani menyakitkan hati sy hahaha

bella luna said...

no matter what people says,just be yourself because we are we and there is no people that can be like us,chill;)

Azham Vosovic said...

Bella Luna: hehehe, thank you so much for the thought...I really appreciate it hehehehe