Saturday, August 20, 2011

Have You Heard?

So far, I have heard:

* I don't love you- It happened when I was in Standard 3, had this huge crush over my classmate who her parents happened to be my parents' friends. We spend a night at a local funfair, on a Ferris Wheel and the next day I told her that I love her; and that was what I got.

* You're diagnosed with anemia and leptospirosis and you're going to die- The first time I was warded in the hospital and it sucks with no internet connection for a week. And the doctor kept on telling me "Oh your liver is partially damaged" but she was kind of "okay" to say that, no regret. Gosh, please no more hospitals after this, I just want to live my life healthily.

* Your grandma is dead- My mother called me last year when it was in the midst of Ramadan, the seventh day actually. I knew my grandma was sick but I couldn't find the time to go back to Kedah and visit her, and then it was already too late; didn't have the chance to talk to her when she was still breathing.

How about all of you guys and girls?


senyumSOYA said...


"dak kecik..bila nak besau? "

hehehe..hate it..lalalalal~

senyumSOYA said...

lau ikot list tu.. aa..

"i don't remember you"

sebab dulu gemok sket plus kecik..
skang kurus ckeding...

err.. x bley speaking.. gagap~ ^^"

Azham Vosovic said...


Hehehe, patutlah I macam tak kenal you je? hahahahahahaha.... well, best kan bila dapat ubah identiti ni, org x kenal kita pon hehehehe