Friday, August 12, 2011

Ring Ring Ring

When I am all alone, nobody would text or call but when I am busy with so many things to do, I seem to be the most popular person on earth--everyone will start to ring me. And when I did not answer their calls, I would be blamed like I did a major mistake but when they did not attend to my calls, I text them to inform what I was about to say, or I would call back. It is simple that way, and I am not a punchbag for you to throw tantrums at. I have my limits too, so beware.

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erkk~pandainya buat karangan BI..ha3

tpi mmg btol time org tak bz hp sunyi sepi, tpi org bz kemain ramai yg msg la call la,.=p

Azham Vosovic said...

alamak...hahah biasa2 je la. tapi kalau tgh marah mcm sekarang, lancar je dia keluar hahaah