Sunday, May 2, 2010

The truth is...

Hi Guys and Girls!
Let me get this to you all straight.
Did you know the reason why I am so addicted with Gossip Girl?
Okay, the truth is,
I am having post-break up conflict,
Which means that I cannot deal with myself.
I cannot be left alone.
Being alone makes me think of my ex,
I don't know if I should call that person my ex.
That person keeps on avoiding me,
Rejecting my calls and ignoring my text messages.
What should I do?
I hate this feeling.
I need that person back in my life.
Full stop.

Okay, back to Gossip Girl.
I don't know from which angle that I should start?
I was not a die-hard fan of GG before this.
I watched the series when I have some time.
After I broke up with my ex,
I seems to have a boring life.
And that dull life introduced me to Gossip Girl.
And not only girls who watch GG anyway!
Gossip Girl is a series about friendship and family ties.
Allow me to elaborate more on this.

From the perspective of friendship,
I learned a lot, honestly.
Now only I knew why I don't have many close friends.
It's just that I'm afraid they are going to outshine me,
The same thing like what Blair thought Serena was doing in Season 1.
I want to be the King, the leader.
Like Blair, she wants to be a Queen,
And she can't help it when Serena dethroned her,
For two episodes I think?
I knew, I can't never be a true friend, like Serena.
Because in real life, I am Blair.

From the perspective of family,
It think the series was based on my own experience.
I am not close to my dad,
The same like Chuck!
But Chuck did something, literally.
I need to do something.
I want my dad back.
I used to be his golden son,
But now I'm not his favorite anymore,
I want to be his good son.

Now I think you know why I'm  always sad!
I have sad backgrounds!
You can hate me for sharing them here.
But this is my Love Hate Vosovic!
He's a diary of mine!
You can judge me,
Through my writing.
But I will always love myself.
And now you know who am I.
And how I've been before.
But still you can love me.

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