Sunday, May 16, 2010

My Wish List for Teacher's Day...

Dear students, friends and lecturers. Please, I appreciate your wishes for Teacher's Day. It means a lot to me but actually, you Guys and Girls can make me happier by giving me these things for Teacher's Day (hahaha evil laugh):


Nokis N75: 
My forever favourite handphone! 
I love the design and its colour. 
I'm in love with this hand phone for the past three years! 
Please get me one of this!!!

I am currently using Nokia 5320, 
my mother bought this one for me last year. 
I still love him, for being my loyal friend when I am in trouble. 
Thank you Baby!

and Nokia 5300:
 My sister gave me this phone. 
It belongs to her but since she's sitting for SPM this year,
 I've been given a trust to take care of her phone, but now it belongs to me...

For cars, I would love to have:

Toyota Fortuner: 
OMG! I love big car like this one! 

Toyota Caldina: 
This is my second choice peeps!

Please, please, please, 
get me these things to make your teacher here happy. 


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Azham Vosovic said...

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I will drop by ur blog...