Sunday, May 2, 2010

My name is pronounced A-Z-H-A-M

I really hate to write this
But I have to clear up some misunderstandings.
My name is Mohd Azham Bin Amran,
People around me call me Azham.
And you know what?
"Azham", my name,
Is written and spelled with a letter 'H' in the middle.
And the people who called me Azam, with a silent 'H',
Is going to get "D" for pronunciation.
I am not Azam okay?
I am A-Z-H-A-M!
Please don't pronounce my name wrongly.
I'm sure you would never want me to call your name
With a different pronunciation right?
If you find it hard to pronounce my name,
Just call me Am or Mr. Vosovic, simple right?
I think that marks the temper I'm feeling all these while.
So, I am A-Z-H-A-M, signing off!


~M i z a ~ said...

yeah, i umderstand ur feeling. so well. hoho! people always mispronunce my full name eversince i was small. and it got worst when i went to sydney. solution: i introduce miza jer. haha! no need to know my full name.
p/s: hope i pronunce ur name correctly. :p

Azham Vosovic said...

yeszza.. u pronounce my name correctly since d first day i get to know you. congrats! heheh.. I know how to pronounce your name...hehhe... Miza... hehehe...

Aisy Ishvan said...

haha,,, chill azham,,, tho i'm one of da pronouncer.....
just wanna tell,,
i'm so sorry...

Azham Vosovic said...

Eizhar...now you know...after reading my blog...
Now I will try to educate some others to pronounce my name correctly. It's not A-Z-H-E-M with the sound of a "ham". It's okay, they will learn in time, hopefully! Thank for reading n for your concern Eizhar!