Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Nur Hidayah and Muhammad Ikhwan,
I miss you both so much!

Honestly, I am homesick.
More than three weeks to go I guess,
for the semester to end?

I want to talk about my beautiful and handsome siblings here.
That girl is my younger sister.
She's studying in Form 5 now.
Her ambition?
She wants to become a teacher too.
But a Physical Education teacher.
She has passion in sports and co-curricular activities.
I have to say here that,
she's interested to become a teacher
after I entered IPBA!
Wah, I'm such a role model for her.
She's now improving her English as she know that
proficiency in English is crucial nowadays.
A lil' info bout her.
I called her "kakak",
even though she is younger than me.
I was not close to her before this.
She used to stay at my grandmother's place until she was six years old.
So we had less time spent together.
I seriously miss her.
I want to have more times with her.
I want to take care of my lil' sis, and be a good brother for her.

Okay, next will be my brother's turn.
Oh he is stubborn I tell you.
He is the last heiress of the family.
I mean, we are like the Paris Hilton's family,
In my dream!
He's studying in Form Two now.
His ambition?
I don't know.
When he was a kid,
he used to say that he wants to be a fire-fighter.
Damn he love that fire-engine!
I'm not sure of his current ambition now.

I had a terrible incident in my life two years ago,
which my brother was involved.
That was an ugly experience.
I nearly lost my lil' brother,
the light of the family's life.
I don't want to lose him.

I think I have said enough.
I love my family.
Though I faced lot's of trouble,
bitter sweet memories.
I can't wait to go back,
Mak, Abah, Kakak, Iwan,
I Love You!


Ikhwan 'tak kesah' said...

correction : Mohamad Ikhwan.. hehe.. Not Muhammad

Azham Vosovic said...

abg: hehehe Mr Mohamad Ikhwan. I have an older and a younger brother with a same name! It's such a coincidence right???

Ikhwan 'tak kesah' said...

really?? nice 2 know dat