Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Azham Vosovic In Braces?

Betty is my idol! She is confident, and a smart girl I would say!

I talked to Athirah from TESL for Primary School group this evening in the auditorium. I'm keen to know about the braces she's wearing. I have uneven teeth which looks like Dracula set of teeth if I smile broadly or laugh. But honestly, my priority is to know the price that I should pay if I want to wear a braces. And guess what??? (In choral speaking tone) : The cheapest braces costs RM 5k!!! OMK!

Before this, I thought it was like RM 1k only. I mean I heard from few friends. She said that there are braces which cause you Rm 6oo, but you have to wait for 2 years. What the hell? She also explained to be about other package, treatment methods, check-ups and so on but I was in shocked that I could not pay attention to her. Sorry Thirah, I seriously could not digest those infos just now. And for five thousand Malaysian Ringgit, where should I get that money? Should I enter One In A Million? hahaha joking! And will I look good in braces and after wearing it? That is another thing to ponder. Will I loose my identity? Can I survive? hahaha! I've told you Guys and Girls that I am such a Drama King! Okay, RM 5k, in five years I am so going to get my teeth done! I've promised Mohd Azham when he was a child, so I need to give him some happiness in life! That's all for today, class dismiss! heheh, salam and God bless!

P/s: I am actually in a good mood today! After having trouble yesterday with my classmate. I can survive without him actually. And tomorrow is the day for The Tragedy of Macbeth! Do come and entertain yourself yea? Bye-bye...


依之汉 said...

Hei it has been a long time since I visit your blog.

Don't be sad about your teeth. Everybody is a born beauty you know.

Azham Vsvc said...

依之汉: heheh it's okay...I am starting to be comfortable in my own skin hehehe :O Thanks for visiting :)