Wednesday, May 12, 2010

To both my BFF's!

I love both Raevarthy and Adibah Khalidah!
Raeva is in pink because she is the Princess,
who is still waiting for her long-lost Prince Charming,
 that is still stuck in traffic jam in KL!
Cute right?
That's what she mentioned!

Diba is in black shirt!
She is equal.
She is fair in terms of friendship.
I mean, she can share her love and care with others!
I just hope that,
Diba is comfortable with me.
To share her problems,
her thoughts and opinion.
I am all out for her.

To both,
I really want this friendship to work out well.
I love you both.
God bless.

ULTRA Vosovic


Ikhwan 'tak kesah' said...


Raevarthy said...

well, this friendship will work out! u put me in pink! sayang azham so much! yesh, yesh..he is stuck in traffic jam...but he will be here soon *keeping my fingers crossed*

Azham Vosovic said...

Ikhwan: hehehe, both r my best girl friend I've ever had!

Raeva: LOVE YOU TOO Princess Raevarthy! hehehe

Mim Toge said...

aarrrgghhhhh,,, now im crying oredi.. thanks azham.. I dont know what to say, bcoz words doesnt mean everything... I hope u can see my heart... i <3 u!

Azham Vosovic said...

Mim Toge: u don't have to say a word. Just be a best friend of mine! I HEART YOU BOTH!!!