Monday, May 10, 2010

I Miss You Damn Much!

I miss you!
I need you!
Come back to me!
This sounds like a desperate post!
Whatever, I don't care!

You promised me,
To have a house in Muar.
A house in the middle of a paddy field,
The one like Tun Dr Mahathir's house,
When he was a kid.
We'll be in different school.
You'll drive me to my school.
And pick me up in the afternoon.
I'll send you off the next day.
And that is how our life was supposed to be.
We'll have two children.
A boy and a girl.
Both will study in a Chinese school.
Three vacations in a year.

We used to be sweet couple.
I admit it!
I am happy with you.
You made me smile.
And we shared memories.
Long distance relationship.
Maybe that's the problem.
Now you are still silent.
Still not answering my calls,
My text messages.
I want you so badly now!
But now you're gone.
I'm gasping for air.
Need a second,
To breathe again.


Azham Vosovic said...

but a house in a paddy field?
I'm still wondering, in Muar?

~M i z a ~ said...

*slap u left n right*
come on dude! i know u can overcome these. like seriously, i know u can do it. be strong.
i will always support u .
hye, u know where to find me right whenever u have probs. :)

Aisy Ishvan said...

hahaha,,, muar xde paddy,,, bukit n paya je bnyk....

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Miza: segan la to tell u bout probs related to love nie. akak, when r we going to jog in UM together huh? Ive been putting up much weight and pressure inside nie...

Ishvan: heheh, really? gosh... huhuu...