Monday, May 10, 2010

For you, with LOVE!

This post is specially written for you!
I am sick of your ACT!
I mean YOUR ACT!
Don't pretend that you are so hardworking!
That you are willing to do everything.
Honestly! I am sick of your antics.

And please!
I'm just being honest with you.
With what I told you!
If you can't take it,
It means that you have problems with YOURSELF!
Can you just accept my comments?
That I don't understand what you were talking about?
It will be like a waste of time hearing something that I can't understand?
Gosh, I really hate to write it here.
To let my followers wondering whom I'm talking about!

Sorry for being harsh!
But I can be emotional too.
By the way,
I am way too good compared to you!
I can put up great "drama" in class too.
I am a drama king I suppose.
For your information,
Loud and clear,
I seriously had enough of your attitude!
Take care,
I know you hate me by now,
But I don't care!
Ultra Vosovic!


Azham Vosovic said...

Not to make any controversial offend, this post is not related to other people from other class. This is just a thing happening in my class...

Niwashini Nambiar said...

wow..seems to be very angry....anyhow just chill yar...

Aisy Ishvan said...


Azham Vosovic said...

So Eizhar, no heart feeling yea? takut gak aku if u tot this post was meant for you ker..