Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Of Love and Hate...

Salam and Happy Tuesday to Guys and Girls.
I'm not going to write long entry this time.
I'm just going to make it clear here,
In my Love Hate Vosovic.


  • I am happy that Madam Hazian pronounce my name correctly. I can hear the "H" sound coming out from her mouth during TESL BATCH NIGHT rehearsal in the auditorium just now. She also look at the correct person, which is me when she called my name. The others outside, please learn from her yeah? Hehehe. I actually did not know that she knew my name. For her effort, I give her an A's for pronunciation. Guys and Girls, it is LDV! Hehehe... 

  • My classmate, Hema, fainted just now. I am worried about her condition. It has been her second time plus she is my partner for Love Story dance. Hema, please get well soon. Guys and Girls, pray for her health yea?
  • I'm having conflict with a friend (he is not my noisy roommate yeah?), and it seems like my lecturer also knew about this. I did not manage to hide this matter. It is out now, nothing to hide anymore. Yeah, I did not talk to him for like a week. Yesterday, I asked him something, and text him, and that's just it. Nothing more on that. I'm just happier like this. Hope he is happy now. He wants it this way, so I'm just working out the plan. Mr. Hizryanz advised me saying that I should revise about what had happened between my friend and I, and take a good step. I did my part, now it is his turn...
That's all I think. 
Written with lots of Love and Hate,
I'm Azham Vosovic,
Signing off.
Salam and God bless.


gwen velora said...

i guess i know too boy..hope it will not be forever yea..take care..

Amalina Sulaiman said...

Fuuhh!! wat had happened to my dearest hemma kurumbek and u? u r having fight with whom? are u ok?

Azham Vosovic said...

Gwen: hurm...thank you Gwen...for your concern and everything...

Datuk Seri Amalina Bt. Sulaiman: hurm, I got into fight with a friend. I think you can guess...