Thursday, May 27, 2010

The End of Semester 2!

All assignments have been submitted.
All syllabus covered.
What more to do?

I want to reflect this semester.
As cited from Adibah Khalidah (2010),
Semester Two is about friendship.
It's true.
I made lots of friends,
And get closer to them I knew earlier.
The saddest thing,
I had the most terrible fight,
With a friend,
This semester.

Semester Two is about MONEY.
Yes! I'm talking about money.
I have to pay for:
-The Tragedy of Macbeth play,
-Mango Season book (RM50 ok!)
-PJ T-shirt.
-Macbeth t-shirt.
-Slaughtering course.
-And so much more.


Earlier in 2010...
I joined Cheer leading team,
Red House Cheer Leaders!
Chik Chak Boom!
Our trademark.
We won first place for,
"Kejohanan Olahraga Tahunan IPBA".
Get to know Kak Miza, Kak Mun and Hijrah,
And some other seniors...

I went ice-skating in Sunway Pyramid
It was fun.
I will go again,
Next semester.

Mock Exam.
Oh, scary.
But I'm still wondering,
How about our exam marks huh?
What's the purpose of me sitting for exam
If I can't see my achievement?

What else?
English Language Camp?
Made lots of friends,
Joined choral speaking,
Not to forget,
Entered forum for the first time.
"Michelle-Michael Confusion".
Still remember vividly the topic.

I met M.N.A via Facebook.
We got to know each other,
For 43 days,
Yet I still miss M.N.A.

Modelling for TESL Nite!
One of my dream achieved.
Next time,
I want to sing live on stage.
And Love Story dance too.
I love it all so much.


Yeah, I should write about THE HATE!
I became the victim of slandering by the security guard.
I was accused of entering female's block, Block 6.
I am sad to say that,
Since the day of the incident,
I hate that security guard so much.
But I've already forgiven them.
Let them be.
Allah will show me, you and everybody,
Who is the main culprit, one day.
There were also other incidents happening to me after that.
I shall keep it between me and the people who knew it.
But honestly, they managed to make me traumatized,
Of girls.

I love Semester Two.
Till we meet again peeps!
Love yea!
And God bless.


jaazli_ahmad said...

could u please b my follower???

Azham Vosovic said...

sure Jaazli but u did not attach any link at your profile so that I can click on your picture and then straight to you blog.

Ikhwan 'tak kesah' said...

Chik Chak Boom >>> i like dis trademark..!

I met M.N.A via Facebook.
We got to know each other,
For 43 days,
Yet I still miss M.N.A. >>>>>wohaaaaa.....sape?

Azham Vosovic said...

M.N.A is an ex that I told you about dear.