Sunday, May 16, 2010

Tagged by Misz.Nupps

Hey, this is a tag from Misz Nupps! Enjoy reading it yea?

1) What is on your mind right now?

Home, family and my forever decreasing money in my bank account!

2. Your nickname?

Azham Vosovic, Am, and Mr Vosovic. 
I kind of like it when Mim Toge, Misz Nupps, Alana Zee 
and Gwen Velora call me Mr Vosovic.

3. List down three person whom you love:

-My parents
-My siblings

4. Nickname for the person that you love:

I am single, again. So this question is kind of offensive hahaha!

5. The thing that you are hoping to get from the person that you love:

Love, care and attention.
Simple right?

6. Which blog that you love to follow:

I shall say, I love all the blogs I followed! 
and Mim Toge's Tumblr!

7. Tag other Bloggers:

Mr Apple
Mr Aisy
Miss Alana
Miss Gwen
Miss Amalina
Miss Raevarthy

What are you still waiting for? 
It is not compulsory. 
Please don't jump off Tower Block just because of this tag. 
Do it for the sake of you willing to do it okay?
Salam and God bless.

Ultra Vosovic


Mim Toge said...

Mim Toge likes this... =) (Y)

Azham Vosovic said...

hahaha... lupa nk tag Mim Toge! So, Diba, sila buat!!!