Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Sexiest Blogger Award by Alana Zee!

I've been awarded by Miss Teddy as one of The Sexiest Blogger hehehe! This is actually my first time. I don't know at first how to claim this award and finally I read how Gwen did hers.

Here are the simplest instructions that i need to follow:
  1. give anecdote (brief description) about Miss Alana and her style of writing..ehehe
  2. state whether there is something that she needs to improve on her writing
  3. put this award in your blog together with the her blog link.
  4. you are done!

My Comment:

1) Miss Alana, I think your style of writing is very interesting. The language used can still be improved as we a future English teacher. Don't get me wrong yea? I did mistakes too but we will improve our language eventually.

2) Things to be improved: hehehe. I like this part! Pls reveal your boyfriend's picture here. hahaha, joking. Personally, I prefer to read a blog entry with proper spelling. But anyway, it is your blog. U can do whatever you want. It's like the diary of yours. I'm just givin suggestion as stated.

3) Miss Teddy! here's your link.

4) I'm done! I am one of The Sexiest Blogger with an award yea?


alana zainal (miss teddy) said...

hey..thanks for ur comments..i do appreciate it..

btw, bout my boyfriend..ehehe, i think i already showed his face on my fb..enough ler..huhu :)

Azham Vosovic said...

hehehe, its ok. im just joking, hahaha....