Thursday, May 13, 2010

How To Know Me Better!

This is a tag from Gwen's blog. I am in the mood to write 23 things about Mohd Azham Bin Amran. This tag was actually written mostly in Malay language, so I translated to English because I've promised myself that my blog entry will always be in English only. So, enjoy reading peeps!

(a) Write 23 random facts about yourself!

(b) Tag this to at least five person.

(C) Follow the rules because this is where the fun begins.

  1. My full name is Mohd Azham Bin Amran.
  2. I am also known with some other names. Currently my name in Facebook is Azham Vosovic.
  3. I am a super-sensitive type of person.
  4. When I am sad or under a lot of pressure, I will cry to get rid of all those negative vibes inside my body.
  5. I love to keep my things in its place.
  6. I hate my noisy room which I am living in now!
  7. I love to sing! I want to sing with Beyonce or Taylor Swift on stage!
  8. I love Gossip Girl so much!
  9. My dream character in Gossip Girl: Dan Humprey and Blair Waldorf.
  10. I love Black and White, and purple too Gwen!
  11. I love sad songs and sad movies because I love to cry.
  12. My previous ambition: pilot, runway model, singer, actor, but now I have passion in TEACHING profession.
  13. I still haven't got a chance to sing on stage, so next time I'm going to participate in any singing competition held in IPBA!
  14. I am honest. I cannot lie but only on certain condition.
  15. I want to be out-spoken like Amariah Lopez.
  16. I love to eat Malaysian food! I don't like certain foreign food such as pasta and spaghetti.
  17. I want to have a Toyota Fortuner or Toyota Caldina in future. For a beginning, I want to have a MyVi first!
  18. My forever favorite hand phone is Nokia N76.
  19.  People will call me a snob when they meet me at first. Mind you, I'm just shy to start a conversation.
  20. I love to do something out of people's mind. I love to do controversial stuffs like my forum "Michelle-Michael Confusion" during Language Camp!
  21. Last but not least, I am single, so if you like me just out a ring on my finger!
So, I hereby tag these people:
  • Amalina Sulaiman
  • Princess Reavarthy
  • Ikhwan Ceria
  • Adibah Khalidah
  • Kak Roshamiza Roslan
And not to forget, for all who are willing to do this tag. 
Salam, and God bless.
You know you love me,
Azham Vosovic

Be Ultra Vosovic!


~M i z a ~ said...

ala.. perlukah akak buat?? dah lama dah akak tinggalkan zaman buat tag ni...ahahha!

Azham Vosovic said...

hahaha..sy x paksa...