Saturday, May 22, 2010

Thanks for cursing me...

An EX-FRIEND of mine now called me a "biatch" and "slutty sloth",
In his so-called blog.

    "Don't take charge of something that you know you will not do it, biatch!!!"
That is the title of his blog entry.
I know it was meant for me.
Whatever he said was straightly pointing at me and what I've done yesterday.
Though he is hiding his identity,
But I know his style of writing.
With an often use of ",," (double comma)

Let me tell you something!
I don't take charge because I know I am not capable of doing lots of things at one time!
I am not an attention seeker like you,
Just to show that you can do everything.
I don't want to end up CRYING in class!
Or SLEEPING during ES hour!
Or cursing the lecturers for giving you WORKS!!!
Don't blame Mr Mano for keep on forgetting you,
He's just tired of your behaviors in class!

My only advice for you:
May Allah bless your life always!


Amalina Sulaiman said...

azham..remember..patience is virtue..alangkah lidah lagikan tergigit..inikan lagi kawan..it's adat..ok? im always here 4 u..put dat in mind

Azham Vosovic said...

Amalina: I'm tired of this drama la. I even cried when I read it this afternoon. Hurm, I really hope I can trust you Leen. Thanks for always being around, and for advising me...

Amalina Sulaiman said...

u r most welcome dear..take care...remember ALLAH ok..hati akan jadi tenang..

Azham Vosovic said...

hurm...Leen, I'm really tired like this. i felt like just to face him eye to eye...

gwen velora said...

be strong dear..idk what to say bcoz i dun noe the whole story but just be strong yea..sbr je la..

my epic said...

Now only I know that I am actually an attention seeker, and also what you have thought of me, FYI it's not you who I wrote in my blog. he's someone else that not only me been hating but other people too. I know what I am doing and i won't be writing bad thing about you. at least I won't write about you.. also, thanks for making me your friend (once)..i remember when u ask me to tegur u whenever u over react or exaggerated. I know who you are and I will tell you tenderly, time by time. but when other friends tegur u, u cepat meradang, so, what do u expect from me? I am sorry if what I have done have wronged u, n thanks for making me u friend,once

Azham Vosovic said...

To my epic: I'm sorry I just got the info from Leen that you were talking about other people. I'm sorry I misunderstood your blog post. I'm really sorry that I scolded other people when they said the truth about me, but when I asked the truth from you, you gave me just two points. First, I am obsess bout my look and my clothes. Secondly, u told me that you hate me saying "Whatever" all the time. So, I tried to change. When I asked from u some more,you keep on silent. I asked you to tell the truth n what you hate bout me, n pls tell me that but u seems not to b interested. If u were really my friend, u shud'nt b afraid to spell the truth.

The part bout "attention seeker", yes,I do realized sometimes u did something like that, but not to seek for attention. Maybe I misunderstood n wrote that part because I was so angry but someone has said that it's your nature, n now I will let you go along with it, but at least I said that.. I wrote it because I thought you were my BESTFRIEND before. Why can't before this you tell me that u don't want me to b ur bezfriend? n yes to let me perasan that u r my bezfren? At least tell me that thing, n I'll try to bear with it.

N yeah, thanks for at least consider that I was you friend too. I hope u understand.So sorry for hurting you with all these things.

my epic said...

i am ur fren and always will be. i never consider anybody as my best friend coz time will change evrything, i realize that. but i was really hurt when u said this. "kalau nak ckp mcm 2, baik xpayah ckp langsung"..this had triggered my only boiling point. u should know that we have so many ways to tell people if what we have done wrong or unacceptable. at least you could tell me something else. i do not know whether i am really attention seeker or what so ever i am. but i am is what i am. maybe i should have not said a lot in class or everywhere. i should keep my mouth shut so people wont misunderstand me. again sorry..i should tell you the truth and tegur u as how you want me 2 tegur u, but u r still my fren. i wish u contemplate me as 1 too.

Azham Vosovic said...

I'm tired of this problem...
I really, really hope that we can talk,
So you'll know what had happened...
Spare me some time,
Text me whenever you are free.
Bring a friend along if you want to.
I really hope that we can settle this problem.
Wish you are too..