Saturday, December 25, 2010

I should play the role of Juno...

Have you guys and girls watched this movie? Well, I just finished watching the movie because I did not watch it when it was a hit in 2007. I enjoyed watching this movie until the end and I can't stop thinking about pregnancy ever since. Can you imagine being sixteen years old and get yourself pregnant? Wow, that would shock my parents then, haha. 

Well, this movie is about Juno, (Ellen Page) who had her first sex with her best friend, Paulie Bleeker (played by Michael Cera) on a chair. That was their first time having sex and they did not have feelings for each other at all. She discovered that she was pregnant and took three pregnancy tests just to confirm her condition. At first, she decided to abort the baby but changed her mind and want to give it for adoption. 

For me, Juno is a good example teenage girl who got pregnant and want to be responsible for her mistakes. She knew that it was wrong for her to abort the baby because "every child has the right to be born". 

There are lots of incident happening in the movie that we should observe and adopt in our society. Firstly, Juno realized that she had made a terrible mistake in her life and she admit it to her parents (it is so hard to find this kind of teenager nowadays). She stood up for herself, the baby and the guy who made her pregnant as everyone was involved in that matter. 

Secondly, Juno has a very supportive family members and friends. Her father did not kill her after he found out that Juno was expecting a baby and ironically, Juno's stepmother can join the craziness of the family. Her mother was not the stereotypically evil step mother that we can see in most family movies. She accepts the fact that she would be a grandmother and helps to take care of Juno and the baby's health. I almost cried when her mother stood up for her in an incident happening at the clinic -please view this movie yourself and you can feel what I have felt.

 Juno's best friend is also awesome and all her dialogues are meaningful! I would love to copy all that and use it in my college! One of it is "My mum doesn't know that we are sexually active!". That dialogue is funny yet ironic right?


Jason Bateman and Jennifer Garner are also one of the famous faces you can see in the movie so don't forget to rent a DVD of this movie yea? I am sure that all of us will learn better about the emotions of being a young pregnant woman in school and society. This movie can give us solutions to what is currently happening to Malaysian teenagers and I hope that all of us can learn about teenager pregnancy and learn to find solution; not to point fingers to each other.

Salam and God bless!


Amalina Sulaiman said...

I've watched this movie last year for the sake of my beloved star, Jenny Garner. haha...I dunno that a guy cud be very VERY sensible when it comes to pregnancy [out of wedlocks] like u..U're the GIRL, Azham! haha,,no offense k but seriously...it's a nice movie anyway. Love Jenny like 4 ever.. :)

~aisya~ said...

nice post azham..i jz watched it few days ago.. :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Amalina: my latest addiction maybe? I don't know but there is something wrong in my head when I talk about pregnancy out of wedlocks. Haha, woman's instinct? no way... hahaha...

Kak Aisya: Yes, I love the movie very much. Seriously I am scared that what would I do if one day my sister got pregnant? How to handle the society and so many things concerning it right? Mintak simpang....