Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Mr. Azham Vosovic!

Mr. Azham Vosovic had a blissful birthday celebration this year as he received lots of wishes, gifts and love from everyone who cares. Thank you folks for your concern, he truly appreciates your efforts!
December 15 1991 was the date I was born, nineteen years before today. I am thankful to Allah for still giving me the chance to live in the world he made for us. I hope that I can change to be a better person soon, so that I can devote myself more to him and never ever neglect my duties as His servant.

I am glad that I have my friends around because they are always available when I need them. I don’t have to face my problems all by myself because they will knock the door and offer their hand to help all the time. I hope that I have been their good friend; I will try to improve myself for all my friends. Dear all my friends, I hope that you guys and girls are happy spending time with me, but sorry that sometimes I prefer to be alone, it is the time of the month people, PMS!

I am delighted that my family members are always there for me, especially my mum and dad who would forever help me financially. I cannot survive in Kuala Lumpur with just RM 430 monthly without your financial aid so once again thank you Mr. Amran and Mrs Rosnah. I want to work part-time and be independent starting from January, hopefully. I hope that my class schedule and college activities next year will allow me to work outside and earn some money. I need to buy lots of stuffs for myself, and one of it is a set of braces for my teeth. It will cost me a lot of expenditure so positively I believe that I can start by saving up first.

I guess that is all my ramblings for today. Thank you to all friends, love-hate followers and everybody who reads this blog for your wishes and thoughts.
Love and Hate,
Azham Vosovic.


mera zati M.z said...

yeah already wish you at fb,
May Allah Bless You Dear Friend :)

kelawar putih said...

want more cake? hahaha

Azham Vosovic said...

Mera: hehehe, thanks for the wishes...

Syaner: hang nak beli kek ke?