Sunday, December 19, 2010


Wedding is something that I would always want to avoid since I was a kid. I don't know what is wrong with me but I don't like attending weddings. The place will be occupied with lots of people and they will serve food that I don't eat (meat especially). Then the people who came will start to gossip about the couple who got married that day-something that is very common in Malay culture.

I have never attended any Chinese, Indian or English wedding but I am looking forward to it. I just like to know the kind of atmosphere other races have in their wedding. Well, I shall wait for my class mates to get married then. Qing Yi, Hema, Nateesha, Diba? Dare to invite me?

Well, I have not planned to get married (yet) until I have my Masters (probably when I reached the age 30). Then, I want to have my own house, car(s) and have a stable life first. I want a simple Malay wedding with all friends, lecturers and Bloggers invited. Wow, that will not be a simple "kenduri" then. 

I want only three kids, one girl and two boys just like my siblings. Okay, that is all my plan so far. Hahaha but I still don't like weddings! Every time my family and I go for a wedding ceremony, my mother will say that she has planned so many things for my own in the future. Gosh, why can't my sister get married first? I hate it to be the elder brother in my family. 

P/S: I will get married one day, 
No worries mommy.

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