Friday, December 31, 2010

Tired of pleasing everyone on earth

 I was the center of critics this morning when "two educated women that I adore so much" were bitching about my behavior. They reminded me to be more "manly" in an advising tone but in front of my friends and some who I am not comfortable with. For me, their intention is for the betterment of myself but I would appreciate it if they did it personally. 

So, I have posted this status in my Facebook and Mr. Alexs Nuk (who had known me since my first day in this campus) have given me support regarding this matter. We think alike for this kind of "gender" discrimination so please get to know us better before you dare to judge.

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Yes, once you get to know us then you will stop bullshitting about my friends and I. It's true and you can ask my classmates here. They have known me forever and they are okay with "this" kind of boy. I am glad that they are not judgmental like other people but I don't know if they are doing it secretly. My advise is to learn to love other people by who they are, not by who they are not. Remember that judging is so typically "high school" and we are not even in US (okay now I am judging).

It's okay, it's alright. I am a big "boy" and I can take care of myself. For your information, my friends and I are not desperate bitches who would do "extra-curricular activities" around campus.

P/S: Alhamdulillah that I am now one of the UPM students! 
Currently doing Bachelor of Education for TESL.


Amalina Sulaiman said...

sabo azham...i noe u..u r a great friend...really.. huhu

kaizen shinobi said...

just relax.. sometimes even our friend can be our enemy... its a circle of life...

so? what to do? sit, relax and enjoy... wahaa!

Azham Vosovic said...

Both of you have been helpful and non-judgmental about who I am and I appreciate that very much. I am seriously going to educate my students someday to avoid judging other people...