Friday, December 17, 2010

My sweet neighbourhood

Life is so sweet when your neighbours whose age is the same as your parents added you in Facebook when they found your profile from their children’s friend list. I have one memorable experience and I appreciate it very much. My neighbours at my previous neighbourhood will post to my Facebook wall with sentence like “hey cikgu (teacher), when will you start teaching?”.

I have never talked to them that much in a real world but they seem nice virtually. I don’t socialize well with people so the best way for them to get to know me is via internet. My neighbours are mostly teachers anyway so they appreciate my choice to become a teacher in four years time.

All in all, I guess that this is a clear indication that a teacher is an influential persona; he or she touches the soul of the students now, and affects the future until eternity. That’s all my ramblings for today, God bless all of you.

P/S: Love thy neighbour!
Love and Hate,
Azham Vosovic

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