Friday, December 17, 2010

Few Words for My Son

A car will only move 
if you are there to start the engine,
A dream will only come true 
if you have the passion to realize it,
Fairy tales will remain as a legend 
if you don’t start to believe it,
And ideas will be ideas 
if you have no guts to tell people about it.

Everything is impossible 
before you try to achieve it.
Look here my dear, 
this wave emerged from just a small pebble.
So don’t doubt, 
your future starts with what you do today.
Once upon a time starts right now, 
it starts when go to school.

*When your children refuse to go to school, you just have to calm down and talk to him in an advising mood. Do not get mad at your children; ask them the reason why they want to avoid from going to school. Who knows that maybe they have to deal with bullies at school? Well, parents should know their children better, so think about this okay?

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