Monday, December 20, 2010

Guys and girls, please help me out!

Mitsubishi ASX


Salam and hi to all guys and girls. 
I am going to need all of you to do one simple favor for me
So I am begging you guys and girls to help me out this time. 

I have joined a contest via Facebook, 
the Mitsubishi ASX-PERIENCE 
(please click this link for further information) http://apps.facebook.com/asx-perience/

The Facebook page of the contest.

To help me out, 
All you need to do is to click the link below
 So that all of you can view my comment:

Look for Azham Vosovic's comment yea?

Then you will see my comment on Scenario 5:

Please click the "Like" button yea?

I should receive a big number of "Likes" 
On my comment in order to win the contest.
Please guys and girls,
 I really want to win this contest for once in my lifetime.

The comment with the most number of "Likes" 
will win the contest 
And will test-drive the all new and swanky Mitsubishi ASX.
Let me win Scenario 5 please? 

Voting period starts on December 20 until December 26, 
So please spend some of your time 
And click the "Like" button next to my comment yea? 

I would appreciate it if you guys and girls 
Can help me out to spread the news
To all Bloggers, Facebookers, and people all around the world 
So that they can "Like" my comment too. 
I really need to win this contest! 

Argh, I'm sweating now!
Oh God please help me this time...
I want to win something this time.


mera zati M.z said...

dah klik!
come on join my 1st contest


Azham Vosovic said...

Thanks Mera... ok I will join your contest, insyaallah...