Saturday, December 18, 2010

Just because I am black!

They jailed me just because I am a Black woman,
They thought that a Black woman cannot work so
God damn them who think they know best.
A Black woman deserves to live free as others!

Sigh! My babies have to stop schooling because they are Black.
The Whites thought that education will make my children 
Learn about individuality better but they thought it wrong. 
My children learn best with the discrimination in this society.

Then my husband has to quit his job because the Whites
Feel that he will earn more money and rebel on the road.
Didn't they have a better job to take care of?
 My husband has six mouths to fed and I ain't kiddin!

You see, I ain't talk in accent
Because I am just a normal American!
Even Obama is now a President so
What more do they want from us the Black Americans?

*Please stop RACISM! Simple right?

The poem above is made to illustrate the discrimination the African-Americans in USA are dealing with. I am sure that there are still cases of racism in America happening until now, though the worst happened long time ago. Allow me to talk in the context of my beloved country, Malaysia.

 In Malaysia, I can still hear people talking that they do not like to be among the Indians. Yes, this is true and I have heard it myself. I have listened to their comments about "certain people's" hygiene, attitude and such so they tend to avoid from being friends with the Indians (mostly). Sorry for being honest here guys and girls but it is a fact.

When I was in National Service last year, there was an Indian boy came to my dorm and said that living in the camp in so much better compared to his village. He said that the Malays in the village did not want to mingle around and always insult the Indians. He added that in the camp, the Indians are treated as equal and he learnt better about the country. There are many other examples but I think that this is the best.

In contrast to the issue stated (not to inform everyone that I am so good), I have a best friend named Kanchana D/O Murugiah and a classmate named Hema D/O Sandragesan. In my college, I make friends with lots of Indian students and lecturers. I found out that they are just normal like us, so I don't know what makes other people "freaked out" when they saw Indians walking around. I mean, we live as a group of Malaysians so we should respect other races right? 

My advice, try to become friends with people from other race first, then you will realize that they are just normal like us too. Stop being racist guys and girls, I do not want any more fights between races in Malaysia. Let's start by smiling and asking people from other races to join our discussion. This simple thing can make them feel wanted and respected. After all, they are Malaysians too right? 

P/S: This post was inspired by the thought of Mr iGossip!


Love and Hate,

Mr Vosovic.


.:rizaL:. said...

ahaha..i am so glad reading this post! thanks Azham & c you in court 4 using my photo without my permission... yes i'm gonna sue you JUST BECAUSE YOU ARE BLACK! lol

Azham Vosovic said...

Haha, you know what? Like I care. People with a fairer skin color needs more blood!