Thursday, December 16, 2010

The Worst of My Self-esteem

Look at that ugly skin!!!

My face is the worst of my self-esteem,
It is full of scars, oily and rough like a frog.
Those people really don’t understand me,
They keep on complaining but did nothing to help.

I hate it when they ask me to stop squeezing my swollen acne.
It hurts when the photographer said that he can’t even Photoshop it.
They seriously don’t know how to deal with people like me...
After all, their face is smooth and clean with no blemish to hide.


People like me have a very low self-esteem,
So please appreciate my effort for still going out and socialize.
They should've understood that I spent thousands for skincare products,
Why can't they just stop talking? They should know my feelings!


*This is an act of violence towards people with skin problem. I experienced this incident last November when a friend of mine, commented about my skin. To be honest, it really hurts my feeling to the bottommost! Well, I will prove to him that I can have a flawless skin too, I just need more time. 

You'll see dude... you'll see... 


MTM said...

somehow..i understand how feel about all that. keep on trying..dont give up oke..do lots of research on the internet..go visit dermatologist if u can. cheer up! =)

Azham Vosovic said...

Sis Mira: Thanks for coming here... I will never stop trying...I will prove to them that this can be treated... Thank you sis!