Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Random Pictures: Old House Revisited

The frontal view of Gunung Baling (this picture is not mine)
Yesterday, December 28 2010, my family and I went back to Baling, Kedah because we have to settle something there. Baling has its personal touch on me because I was born there, my parents worked there for almost 20 years and my late grandmother's house is still there. This town has one of the beautiful strains of mountains in Kedah by the way.

This is the back side of Gunung Baling and I do not own this picture.
So I met my old friends there and I told them that my parents will probably move back to Baling after they retire in nine more years. That is certainly a long way to go but I will wait. Then I visited our old house in Taman Mesra after quite a long time. Well, I still love this house because my parents made it so spacious for the five of us to live in. My mum said that she will renovate the house in future and make another bedroom for my brother so it means that we can have our own room then. 

We lived there from the year 2003 until 2008 before my parents were transferred to Kepala Batas, Penang. Imagine that we started off from nothing until the house can be this comfortable then we have to leave it? Sad to say that I wish I can just bring the house along to Penang.

One more thing, I planted this mango tree when I was in Form 1 in the year 2004. It was very small but managed to live healthily as I did not put any fertilizers for the tree at all. My neighbor said that I have a pair of green hands and I am still blushing until now. That was my first attempt to grow plants and I made it.

You see, now it has produce a fruit but I cannot taste it. We have rented the house to somebody else and I believe that the family is now the rightful caretaker of the tree (because the tree is still mine!). It's okay, I will come back after nine years time and make mango pickles out of the fruit. 

That's all for today. Salam and God bless.

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