Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Melaka: Day 1

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Okay, I am now spending quality times with my family members in Melaka (note that we were here last year for family vacation too, but we are staying at a different place). I found out that I like this state very much. I have told my friends that one day I would like to be transferred here and serve for the citizens of Melaka.  

Well, I managed to pass by this school when we were on our way to the place that we are residing in Melaka. This school is the place where teenagers can come and seek for help here once they found out that they are pregnant. They can choose to study here while expecting the baby and then give birth to their child in the facilities they have at the school+house for pregnant teenagers (for more information, please Google). 

This is just an example of female Malaysian teenagers.
The not-so-latest-news I heard was this school is about to be closed because there is no more teenager who come and seek for help. For the record, there were only two students who had actually stayed at the school in the period of their pregnancy (correct me with the fact if I am wrong) and it is a sad news for me.

It is pathetic as there are still cases of baby dumping being reported in the newspapers nowadays. I really hope that if the teenagers found out that they are pregnant, please make use of the facilities they have at Sekolah/Rumah Harapan here and sign up for the program. I hope that Malaysians will not make such noble efforts made by the administration of the school/house just go down the drain. It would be just a waste of money, time and everything.

I know that it is easy to talk; if I were to be pregnant, I would also hesitate to sign up at the school but we can at least educate people about this matter. Remember, baby dumping is a serious issue and should never be taken lightly.

Salam, and God bless.

P/S: Do you guys and girls notice 
that I will become so fascinated
 when it comes to talking about pregnancy? 
Wonder why?


::CIK LYNN:: said...

such a good effort....=)

Amalina Sulaiman said...

HAHA..u ARE interested in getting pregnant [oopss] or about woman being preggers? btw, sekolah harapan dah lahirkan 4 orang dah anak2 'harapan' [GW] and so far lebih 10 org dah dftar ke sekolah tu [temasuk sorg berbgsa cina]...majulah melaka...Henry Gurney, Sekolah Harapan, tunas Bakti Lereh...semua bina kat Melaka...lepas ni ape pulak ek? hehe...btw luv diz entri so much! :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Cik Lynn: Thank you, hope that you can spare some of your time to write about teenage pregnancy and educate your blog visitors.

Amalina: When you asked me to write about my trip in Melaka, there was a sudden instinct that persuaded me to write about Sekolah Harapan. Wonder if one day e an go and visit the school?

Btw, you are right about what you said at the earlier part of your comment. Both are correct.. heheh