Friday, March 26, 2010

Today's No Longer A Fairytale

I am totally pissed off! I was late for my Social Studies class, then I was considered absent for not showing my face in class. I am not mad at Dr Raja Mazuin okay, mind you! I am just mad that the incident happened when I was the one who were late. Imran, Lam, Myra and Mirul were also late because they went to see Mr Mano regarding Macbeth's play. I went to see Madam Ann, to settle the stuffs for SS class next week. Maybe it was my fault, for seeing Madam Ann during SS period just now.

I am actually mad that when the others were late, they were not punished at all. They were all late without proper excuses okay! The lecturers will only say that they are going to lock the door and such but no actions were taken yet! Is it fair huh??? Tell me!!!

Now, I will make sure that if there are students who are late for class, I will ask the lecturer by myself to lock the door, I promise. You latecomers will see what I am capable to do! I am man full of revenge okay???

That's it for this post! I have to get ready for Friday's prayer. Till I see you Guys and Girls again, salam and God bless!!!


::Black & White::

p/s: Watch out!!!

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