Monday, March 22, 2010

New Moon!

Salam, hi guys and girls! It's been a productive holidays for me and I'm thankful to Allah for everything that has happened to me. I'm sorry if the tittle sounds like that vampire movie, but according to my own dictionary it means a new beginning!

So, I've started going to class, reluctantly but I have to. It's a profession that I've chosen and I can't go back, terribly. I just hope that the following weeks will be more interesting,
I'm praying that today, March 22 will be a new beginning for others too...

I've made my mind that I want to forgive everybody for their wrongdoings towards me. As I've stated, IT'S A NEW BEGINNING!!! I also promised myself that, I don't want to be a snob anymore. It's a new beginning, a new moon and I want to be good to everybody.

It is NOT being hypocrite, mind you. It's just that I have to start accepting others. They are just a normal people, they too have flaws and all. 

No more enemies, I will start to focus on my life and you Guys and Girls should do it too. Good luck for your future undertakings yeah? God Bless!


::King of White::

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