Friday, March 26, 2010

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How to Prevent Snatch Theft

By Mohd Azham Bin Amran

Nowadays, we heard many cases about snatch theft happening in our country. Snatch theft had grab lives of many unfortunate Malaysians. They are expecting mother and seniors citizens who were killed because of this immoral crime. News about this matter had shocked many Malaysians and fired up anger and concern among them. I agree to say that as Malaysians, we should put this matter to a stop. We can actually help to curb this problem from happening so I would like to discuss about the prevention of snatch theft.

Firstly, women should not wear too many jewelries and purposely showing it to the public. When in public, try to dress the minimal you can be. It is not about the amount of jewelries you wore but how you make yourself look beautiful wearing it. Be cautious is the best attitude because we cannot always detect the criminal. Do not hesitate to call for help when you saw anybody suspicious. Try to travel
'light’ or most preferably leave unnecessary jewelries in a
safety deposit box in the bank or at home so that if you lost your jewelries in a snatch theft, you will still have something valuable at safety.

Secondly, never go off the beaten track alone. Make sure that you do not use dark and empty lane, especially at night. Try to use road with a great number of user and lighted with road lamps so that if anything happens, they will be informed and can take immediate action. If you are venturing out somewhere unknown, make sure that you go in a group other friends or families are informed. There is safety in numbers plus you can take care of each other for a safe journey.

Thirdly, you should never try to leave your belongings unattended in your house or car. There are cases reported about snatch theft in parking areas and houses. These thieves will look for laptops and credit cards left in car. I would suggest that you carry all your valuables to wherever you go. It is safer because your car will also be saved from being broken into and you also do not have to go through all the hardship to claim for the insurance.

Lastly, I think that public area with an inclining number of snatch thefts should be installed with Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV). Some area such as in Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur has been installed with CCTV and it actually works to help to reduce snatch theft. The images captured can be used to identify the criminal and will raise concern for the doer.

As a conclusion, I would like to hear one day that there will be fewer cases heard about snatch thefts. Malaysia is a free country so I hope that Malaysians will be more concern and will try to improve a better environment for all citizens.

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