Saturday, March 27, 2010

Random Pictures: Activities of The Week!

I went to Amcorp Mall to buy groceries and personal items with Fiqah(in scarf) and Lam(yellow t-shirt). It was raining cats and dogs and they had to use box to cover their head. It was a memorable experience actually, especially when it comes to getting inside Amcorp with drenched jeans and t-shirt! Kudos to Lam and Fiqah for being very sporting!!!

Thursday is Batik Day for every government servant, especially teachers! So, this is the picture of Niwashini, Nateesha and me, Azham Vosivic in Batik!!! We are IPBA's hot stuffs yeah!

Went to jog in University of Malaya with Shafik and Nateesha, and this is his "horny" picture that I'd captured. Don't get him wrong because I was the one who asked him to pose that way. Kudos to Shafik!!!

I think that are some of the activities I did in this week. Will keep you Guys and Girls updated yeah? Salam, and God bless!


Yana Farinna said...

Drenched jeans and t-shirt! Had a similar experience few years back...hehe. I was on my way to Amcorp Mall jugak. Only that time I was alone and had nothing to cover my head T____T

Azham Vosovic said...

hahaha... same thing happened to me yesterday, but i was with my friends. hahahah...