Friday, March 26, 2010

LDV Assignment

Issue: Relationship

Topic: Why Husband and Wife Should Not Divorce?

Many married couples in the entire world are hoping for a successful marriage. However, couples are prone to get divorce in an early stage of their marriage. According to Macmillan English Dictionary (2007), divorce means “to take legal action to end ones marriage”. This problem occurs due to financial problems, differences in culture, and sexual problems (Bernama, 2005). Despite all these reasons, there is never an adequate reason for them to get divorced. Divorce should not be the first choice taken by the couples to end a marriage because it goes against the principal of family governance, affects family finance and causes trauma to the children.

The first reason why married couples should not divorce is because it is against family governance. Family governance is considered a crucial element for peace and development of societies is regarded as the main agents of socialization (Kamaruddin, 2010). Quran has stated so many ways on how to live as a family such as the concept of “khalifah” (vicegerent), “amanah” (trust), and “shura” (consultation among family members). Couples should be aware that they must obey the law of family governance and protect their marriage. The children should not be the victim of their own mistakes of choosing the wrong person they married. It is not necessary to end a marriage, but what is more important is how to make sure a successful one.

The second reason why couples should not divorce is it will affect family finance. This is because, a family will need a support from both husband and wife. In most cases, women are largely responsible for the economic support of her children and they will never get back to their former level until they remarried (Sachs, 2003). This is unfair because not so many women are working nowadays and they will face troubles to support the family after divorce. There will be a one-hundred and eighty degrees change to the role of the women. They should be the one who get security from their husband but ended up working to support the children.

Thirdly, husband and wife should not let themselves divorced because it can cause terrible trauma to the children. When a couple made their mind to get divorced, the children will be affected the most. Children at such age need love and attention from the parents. When the child is growing up, they will need a strong foundation for them so that they can be a well-mannered person one day. It's a long-term threat to the children’s academic performances, ability to commit to relationships, and their mental health (Anonymous, 2007). It will cause a major problem for these unfortunate children as they will be traumatized with what had happened. The children may become hatred to their own parents and maybe will avoid getting married one day because they might be scared that they will face the same problems like their parents.

There are many reasons why married couples should not get divorce. The main thing is, they must think about all of the consequences that they might face after they lead a separate life. The effects of divorce will be sorrow for the husband, wife and the family. There are many ways that can be taken for couples to create a better family relationship; therefore, they must make sure that they maintain a successful relationship for the husband, wife and children.


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