Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Mock Exam 3rd Episode

Salam guys and girls.
Sat for English Studies (ES) paper just now.
It was hard I think?
I answered all the questions,
Hopefully I will make it.
There are some questions which I didn't know.
The unseen poem, huhu, scary.

The short story,
" Third and The Final Continent"
It was a disaster for me.
I forgot the characters names.
It's okay, it's all right.
I've done my best!

Somehow, I know,
Social Studies paper tomorrow will be harder.
Trust me peeps!
Study now!!!

Will try my best to answer all the questions tomorrow.
I got to go.
Need to take a nap,
or else tonight I will yawn forever and ever.

I manage to wake up at 2.30 pm after this.
I want to go to the library to study.

Ok, I'm leaving.
See you guys and girls again!



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