Wednesday, March 31, 2010

IPBA's Next Top Model

It was a lousy Tuesday during English Language Society yesterday.
I decided to do something that is out of our mind with my friends.
At that point of time, the other guys were not in yet.
I took out my handphone, and captured loads of crazy pictures as you can see in the previous post.

Suddenly, this stupid idea came out from my mouth.

I said to Nateesha and Niwashini that they were the last two contestants who were going to compete in the run to become the first
IPBA's Next Top Model.

The prizes for the competition is:
  • 1 year contract of modelling with Voice of IPBA (VOI)
  • 6 spreads of photos in VOI every semester
  • 1 year free dinner at Scuds (sponsored by Abang Am)
  • Free make ups by Gittew Cosmetics (sponsored by Alexs Nuk)
  • Specially designed KamalKhairi garments for a year by Kamal Khairi
  • and free modelling consultancy by Azham Vosovic!
The prizes are amazing right? Thanks to all sponsors!

Okay, back to the finale of IPBA's Next Top Model (INTM),
hosted by Azham Vosovic.

"Nateesha and Niwashini, your task for this final episode is to model as Cinderella. The other person is going to act as her stepmother and the best Cinderella will win this competition and walk away with all the prizes!", said Azham Vosovic.

So, these are their best pictures!

Nateesha as Cinderella
Niwashini as Cinderella

What do you Guys and Girls think???
Azham Vosovic has his answer already,
but I will not reveal the answer right now.
You guys and girls shall wait for the answer, in the next post!

I'm Azham Vosovic, signing off.
Salam and God bless.

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