Sunday, March 28, 2010

Love Hate Vosovic is my Bestfriend!

Hi Guys and Girls...
I'm just feeling alone and empty today.
I don't know, maybe because I'm a sad person.
The only emotion that can come into my mind is to be sad.
It's sad, isn't it???

To make this post short,
I just want to announce here that,
I don't have any human best friend anymore.
Except for my BFF's in Kedah!

My blog, Love Hate Vosovic,
is officially my true best friend.
I can talk about anything here, to my very best friend.
It's now up to you Guys and Girls to judge me,
And all the things I wrote here okay?

You know the cause of this problem???
I chose the wrong person to rely on.
I thought he's my best friend, turns out that he's not.
He spent more time with others,
And not with me, his house mate.
Maybe he's more comfortable with them.
So now, I'll keep a distance from him.
No more like we used to be, eat, talk and do things together.
I will let him be with his very own best friend.

But before that, I am sorry for my mistakes towards you,
I am truly sorry for my bad and childish behaviors.
I'm sorry that I gossiped about others with you,
while you hate to do so.

From now onwards, I will share all the things here.
I will depend on you Love Hate Vosovic!!!
Now you know why you are named Love Hate Vosovic.
I will have to be independent, and brave!

Until then, salam and God bless...

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