Monday, March 8, 2010

Mock Exam The Series: LDV

stands for Language Development.

It is a subject where all TESLians learn about
Speaking, Reading, Writing and Listening in English.

Somehow, it is more likely like MUET Test.

I don't know what to study.
LDV is like English Exam Paper for SPM,
but with more essence in it.
I will have to write for 3 hours!
Will try to be more critical and creative in my writing.
Guess what???
I'm actually practicing Writing through My Own Blog!
Great huh?
Finally I did something useful using the internet.

I want to tell all the readers of Love Hate Vosovic,
(if there is any?)
This morning,
before LDS Test,
Madam Hasnah,
my LDV lecturer gave us cupcakes!
Special for FS TESL 1.2 and 1.2!
I would love to point out my highest gratitude to you maam!
You are one among the best!

Somehow, I can see that some lecturers in my college
are totally 180 degrees different

from my former school teachers.
Here, all lecturers are the Busiest Bee ever!
Still, they can keep their head held high,
Coming to class with broad smiles,
and spirits to make us alive!
Thanks to all my lecturers.

Back to LDV,
I don't know what to study!
Should i read or try to write?
I prefer to write peeps!
That is my right!

All I know, I have to practice more on Vocabulary,
Summary Writing,
Argumentative Essay and Free Essay!

Maybe, who knew?
Font size
Hurm, I think it is enough for tonight!

I have a special song for this moment, but before that,
Good Luck TESLians for LDV Test tomorrow!

"It's getting late,
dark outside.
I need to be with myself in center,
clarity, peace, serenity"
Fergie (2007)

So, I'm Azham Vosovic,
signing off!