Monday, March 8, 2010

Mock Exam Part Two

I'm A Stupid Boy Every Other Day!

Part Two

LDS is actually an abbreviation for Language Description,
which is a subject that teach TESL students about GRAMMAR.
Scary isn't it?
Honestly, I don't like GRAMMAR.
I applied TESL for Secondary Class because I love Literature, that's all.
You can read my poems, that shows how I love to write.
Basically, you can tell that I love English Studies (ES).
I can talk bout everything and be creative in my writing.
Things changed when I tried to answer the sample question for ES.
It was not like our exam question for SPM!!!
It went further and beyond my expectation.

So, I actually gave up to love literature.
I tried to love LDS.
I think that is the easiest subject that I can score.
I just need to read,
follow the grammar,
and apply it into my language.

I'm kind of having problems with TENSES before,
but now I think I can cope with it.
Thanks to Azam, Adibah and all.
They told me the easiest way on how to remember tenses.

For Perfect Tenses you will always find these kind of words in a sentence
=has, have, had.
It will also be used without time expression.
ex: He had been to KLCC.

For Continuous Tenses, you will find words added with "-ing".
ex: She was calling for my help!

I think that are all the rules that I missed in class hahaha.
Maybe I didn't pay enough attention!
Azham, you have to stop that!

Thank God, Madam Yashwanora was willing to help us during weekends.
She even corrected my grammar via Facebook!
I'm so glad to have such a nice lecturer like her.
Thanks Maam!


Ok, so today I sat for LDS Paper!
It was nerve-wrecking!
I forgot my Index number and such!
Plus there are so many typing and grammatical errors in the question paper!
I think I managed to answer all except "Phrasal Verbs"
For the first time in my life,
I've to provide meanings for the phrasal verbs that I don't think I did it correctly.
What the hell?

Enough of all craps.
I think I did my best this morning.
I don't care if I don't get an "A".
I know that was our first exam.
I've done the best I could.
I just hope that I don't fail my LDS!
It'll be such a waste for me!
I don't want to fail Madam Yash.
She's been good to me.
I want to repay her kindness.
Plus, weak students will have to go for
Detention Class!
Yay! I'm looking forward for it!

Tomorrow is Language Development a.k.a (LDV)
Last time, I got 72% only.
Let's see whether I can improve or not.
I'm off to bathe and study maybe?
I'm kind of sleepy now.
Maybe I'm going to sleep after this!
Will study again with Azam and my roomies tonight!

Aha! I want to dedicate this parody lyric for today.

"I take a deep breath when I walked through the doors,
It's the morning of my first examination day.
I said Hi! to the lecturers I ain't seen in a while,
Trying to stay out of everybody's way"

Hehehe, sorry Taylor Allison Swift,
I copied it from your lyric.
I'm just a creative fan of you!

So I'm Azham Vosovic,
signing off (phrasal verb)!

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