Monday, March 22, 2010

Learn to Forgive

Guys and Girls, what do you think of those people who hardly apologize others? It sucks right when we think about it? Well, I did mistakes too, of course. It is easy to make mistakes, and it's hard to ask for forgiveness. I experienced loads of hardship when I tried to ask for forgiveness. It's never easy. I had this idea actually, and of course you guys would have think about it before.

Okay, why don't we start to forgive people's mistakes first? We should try to forgive them before they come to us and beg for us to do so. Besides, when they asks for an apology, we should accept it with an open heart and still they need to be reminded about their wrongdoings. I know, it won't be easy, but by doing that, we can ease other people. Plus, I think that the people who did mistakes towards us will never bug into our life again. Isn't it true?

That was just an opinion, but I think it is workable. I will try to make it work, will start it by this very moment. Until then, Salam, and God bless...

::Black & White::

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