Monday, March 29, 2010

I Am...HIV Positive!!!

What is your first thought upon reading this post?
I'm sure you guys will be damn shocked right???
Today, Mr Vosovic would like to talk about something
that is related to HIV/AIDS.

So, my honored guys and girls,
How are you Guys and Girls will react,
when someday you found out that,
one of your students is dealing with HIV/AIDS?

You know how youngsters nowadays are exposed with
pornography, free sex and drugs right?
I just want to know,
if one day, your students come to you,
and say that, "I am HIV Positive",
how will you Guys and Girls react???

Tell me, are you Guys and Girls going to neglect them,?
And keep a distance from these people?
Will you still touch his or her skin?
Will you share foods and drinks with them?
Will you still mingle with them around?
And what if, you have a children,
Will you still let them play with your beloved child?
Will you love them as whoever they are?

What if, someday,
I told you that,
I am HIV Positive too.
What will you guys do?
Tell me, from your point of view.
Say it out loud, in Love Hate Vosovic!

p/s: I want to hear honest thoughts and opinions from you Guys and Girls?

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