Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I Am Busy As A Bee!!!

Hi guys! I am totally busy, for this week until the end of May!
Wah, wah, wah!!!

*Basic Math
*Second assignment for LDS, SS and ES!

Language Camp and English Week:
*The best part is that, I am in Registration and Accommodation committee!
*Students from IPBMM and IPTAA, watch out!!!

Macbeth's play:
*Have to monitor all Props Committee Members as I am the leader!
*Meet Madam Rozana, and report!
*Prepare all the props as well!

Masquerade Night:
*Find committee members for backdrop, setting up of the place and so forth.
*Start to try to think about all the things needed to be done as mentioned above.
*Plus I have to find my own clothes for that night! Gosh, any fashionista here? Help me please!

Busy right? huhu, will try my best to perform well this semester! Will prove that I am one of the best!

OK, I got to go! God bless!

::Black and White::

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