Friday, March 26, 2010

LDV Assignment Reflection

Language Development (LDV) Assignment Reflection

By Mohd Azham Bin Amran

Two weeks ago, all TESLians were given their first assignment for second semester. We were to provide a critical essay about any current issues. I chose the issue about “family”, and narrowed it down to discuss why husband and wife should not divorce. Firstly, we were to find three articles related to the issue via various resources. I collected my articles from online newspaper, magazine and newspaper. Then, we were asked to create a Graphic Organizer or short notes as proofs that we had read those articles. After that, we had to come out with a critical review based on our articles of about 500-700 words.

Firstly, I think the assignment had helped me to gain my confidence in writing. Now, I have more courage to critically discuss about an issue. I knew it by now that in a critical review, the most important thing that counts is how we elaborate our points so that the reader will be convinced by our point of view. There is no right or wrong opinions in a critical review. We have to make sure that the readers believe us by reading our points in the critical review.

Secondly, I had improved my language and writing skills a lot while trying to finish this essay. I managed to read a lot of other references about how to create a critical review and gained more knowledge on how to write a good critical essay. I read a lot of articles before trying to settle this assignment. It helped because at least students like me will have a general idea and direction for the essay. I realized that critical review is actually an interesting essay to be done.

As a conclusion, I think that the assignments given managed to help me to improve myself. It is quite challenging but interesting. I will try to do my best for other upcoming assignments. There are still rooms for improvement and I will prove to everyone that I can be a great English teacher one day.

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