Friday, July 16, 2010

Gossip Girl: Lessons Learnt

When I watched Gossip Girl,
I realized that I was trying to be one like
Georgina, Blair, Jenny, Nate, Chuck and Dan
but for good reasons.

I want to be as manipulative as Blair Waldorf,
Cold-hearted like Georgina Sparks,
Full of aim like Jenny Humphrey,
And good looking as Nate, Chuck and Dan.
(Well these three guys have other better things to showcase).

Yes, I adore them.
They can get everything they want in life.
They can shop the whole world while I can't afford to go to Pavilion KL.
They can just walkaway or turn around when they messed up things.
The best part was, they are all bold to be honest.
Look at Serena and Blair,
They both had a fight but five minutes later, 
things have changed.
They told each other what they were not satisfied for 
and then everything was settled. 
Isn't that good?

This is the thing that we lack in our culture.
We Malaysians love to keep our problems to ourselves. 
Look at how many people fought because
they were too scared to be honest to tell the truth.
(I mean when the other found out that one was not telling the truth).
Hell that hurts.
It is time that we should practice honesty.
I had enough of having heartache when somebody told me about my attitude
while I just ignored and accepted their natural behavior.

I'll probably say things like this
(in Georgina's tone):
"Hey dude, you know what? 
You've been telling me about my looks and my attitude but I coped with yours pretty well. 
You are not perfect yourself but I don't care.
I accepted you as a friend and I don't judge you, 
I think that was better than anything else.
It is time for you to learnt to accept people's flaws and bear with it. 
Some people may need time to change and some may not want to.
I'll choose my own path and thank you with your thought.

P/S:That's so Stevia-sweet of you!

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