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Select an article from your Social Studies folio and write a critical review in about 500 words.
Your review should include the following:
  • ·         A brief summary of the article.
  • ·         Your opinions on the issue.
  • ·         Your suggestions to resolve the conflict.
  • ·         Conclusion.

The article “Man gets ‘high’ on panties” from The Star, 9th June 2010 edition tells the reader about a medical assistant caught by Terengganu cops for stealing women’s panties around his neighbourhood over the past year. The suspect had fetish for used lingerie and he was also a hardcore drug user. Initially, police officers searched his house for drug but were taken aback when they found hundreds of underwear hidden in a cabinet and the suspect also wears one of the stolen panties.

Based on the article, I believe that the suspect was having a serious sexual problem as he has fetish for used lingerie and what he did was totally wrong. Imagine the fear those women in his residential area feel when there were many cases of stolen panties happening. I am sure that they will have trouble to dry their clothes outside of the house and are afraid to go out alone thinking that there is a sex-maniac living freely around their neighborhood.

The police officers have done their best by detaining the suspect as his presence in public can harm every women and even young girls. He is able to rape women or girls if he cannot resist the temptation. By putting him in jail, women in that area can now breathe freely but still safety precaution should be taken by the authorities concerned.

There are many suggestions that can be done to curb this problem from happening to an individual. Firstly, the person with this kind of habit should find a partner and get married. This is to ensure his sexual need is taken care of by his spouse. Besides, by having a partner he will never feel lonely again as the feeling of loneliness can lead him to steal panties. If he cannot afford to get married, he can always stay with his parents so that they can keep an eye on them.

Secondly, he should stop taking drug as it is harmful to his health. He probably had wasted hundreds of his salary by buying drug. Drug also has its effect by making drug addict hallucinates about unreal things. I believe that drug was also the reason why he stole all those panties because maybe he sees that panties sniffing panties can make him feel better.

Thirdly, a person with this kind of bad habit should find a counsellor to help him solve this problem. He can also go and see sexologist and ask for their opinion about his problem. These people can help him understand himself and his sexual needs better and he can have a better lifestyle if that habit can be treated. He also needs moral support from friends and family members. This kind of person should not be left alone as they will tend to start their bad habit that they had left so family members and friends play a vital role in helping them.

As a conclusion, there are many ways that we as members of public can do to help people with this problem. It is not this person’s fault that he has this problem so let us not judge him. It is our responsibility to help so that everyone in this world can have a better life.
(540 words)

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