Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dear Internet Connection

Label: HATE

Dear internet connection,
I love you so much for helping me to keep in touch with my Facebook friends,
For you who will always be there whenever I feel like watching new music videos,
And you who will keep me company with all gossips and stories from my BlogSpot mates.
Thank you for always making me joyous with "buzzes" from my Yahoo Messenger friends,
And also when it comes to time when I need to Google information for my assignments.
I really love you, I do.

Dear internet connection,
I just hate it when some people misuse you because I know you are hurt.
Too many viruses in your system until you can't take it anymore.
And you yourself need to get your anti-virus system updated,
Poor you internet connection, I'll stand by you.

You know what makes me hate these violators the most?
They downloaded movies without asking your permission,
Too much heavy data, very much pain, your connection is getting slow.
Please don't die, I need you badly.
I need to do my assignment,
I need to keep up with my Facebook friends,
I need to write my blog to keep my followers updated.
I must watch the latest music videos, Beyonce's especially,
I have to chat with my Yahoo Messengers friends,
And the very most important thing to do is,
I must update my anti-virus system!

For those who contributed to this slow internet connection,
Can I ask your something?
Did I ever miss to pay the bill?
Hey, I have a fair share.
I need to use the internet.
So much things to do but so slow the connection is.
Please, respect others okay?
Consider us who have better things to do 
Rather than downloading movies for your own pleasure.
Sorry for my harsh words.
Just need to write it this way to make it sense to you!
Good day.

P/S: I know that Wimax connection will be like this at the end of every month, but I cannot accept the fact that you downloaded movies and stuffs from the internet almost everyday. I have also downloaded few songs but that one is minor compared to you. I have checked your laptop while you were not inside your room and was thinking to stop all downloads and turn off your laptop just now but I stopped because I have better things to do because I am G.S, just wait for the time to come that I will smack directly on your head. And I was thinking that after September, I will persuade my father to buy me a broadband! I can violate my own BROADBAND!!! What a long post this time, thanks to this feeling of hate, I have managed to improve my writing skills one more time. Salam and God bless.


Amalina Sulaiman said...

haha..be patient k azham...y dun u go and get a broadband...it can give u more privacy .. :)

Azham Vosovic said...

yeah, was thinking too but probably in September I'll persuade my father because I have paid for Wimax till September.. huhuhu...