Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Pursuing Dream: An Awesome Dilemma

Candidates for Season 25 have already been revealed. I hope that I can be part of Season 26, Insyaallah. Tomorrow is the day for the truth. I will do my very best, and will still keep my head held high if I were to be rejected. I have to do it or else I will never know when is the other time for me to try. Ya Allah, I need this so much. I hope you bless me for tomorrow and let everything run smoothly. 

Sadly today, I received a bad news from a lecturer. She said that tomorrow my class and FS 3.1 will be having a workshop in the auditorium of about how to write a movie review. This is just an awesome obstacle I tell you. We need to be there at 2 pm in the afternoon and attendance is compulsory. The best part was I have already made an appointment to go to Ampang to pursue my dream tomorrow afternoon!

I am torn in two parts now. Half of me wants to go to pursue my dream so much, and the other half would want to go to the auditorium as I have already promised that I will never let other things to interrupt my studies. I have told my lecturer that I have an appointment tomorrow afternoon, and even told to her that she had given us last minute information about that workshop. Some of my classmates have booked a ticket to watch Eclipse tomorrow. She wants me to see her in her office but I did not go. What do you expect me to tell, that I could not go to that workshop because I want to fulfill my dream? Gosh...this is very hard. This is a drama, and I am tired of it. Can I just have this one chance?
Ya Allah, is this a sign that you do not want me to go?
If it is true, I will not go.
But I need more signs,
Please show the signs to me Ya Allah.
I will wait until tomorrow afternoon.
Until then, salam and God bless.


~M i z a ~ said...

just trust your instinct. :)

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Miza the birthday girl! Instinct? Sighed...If only I can foresee what is going to be happening tomorrow...