Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pursuing Dream: Wish Me Luck

Salam Guys and Girls. Remember my wish list about all the things I wanted so badly in Semester 3 of my Foundation Years? Yes, I am getting close to it! Ya Allah, I wanted this so badly until I cannot sleep at night! So, this Thursday, I will be going to that place with Aisy Eizhar and I hope that I will be accepted. I really need money so terribly and I need part time job that will never interrupt my lecture hours. I cannot reveal it yet but I really hope that you Guys and Girls will pray for the best. My intention is true that I hope I will never again have to burden my parents with my own financial issues, I really do. Ya Allah, I am feeling so scared right now. Mixed feelings as I am excited to go and at the same time I am anxious to know whether I am going to be accepted or not. I talked to a good friend, Rizal and he really believe that I should give it a try. There is nothing wrong in trying out. Insyaallah, pray for the best. I really appreciate it all. 
Salam and God bless.


mera zati M.z said...

gudluck guys, sory cant join u ..hhuhuu ^__^''

Azham Vosovic said...

Mera, tq yea but this has nothing to do with the business I'll be joining with Eizhar. It's just something else that I cannot reveal yet and your prayer is highly appreciated!

~M i z a ~ said...

is this the one yg ehem ehem tu ke??

good luck bro!

wadewick said...

all the best. bon courage et bonne chance! ^^

Azham Vosovic said...

Kak Miza: thanks..nnti sy story kt akak ey?

Haziq:tq2 so much.. tomorrow is d day...